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Summer Guitar Camp provides the opportunity for young aspiring guitar & ukulele players to pursue their playing ambitions and goals. Summer Guitar & Ukulele Camp provides a challenging week of guitar education & coaching in a friendly relaxed, no pressure atmosphere. Summer Guitar & Ukulele Camps are for ages 9 – 18. Please refer to the Camps Schedule to see which ages apply.  4 different Summer Camps are being offered.


For ages 9 to 18

Complete Beginners Camp students will be amazed with what they can accomplish in a short period of time.  On day one all campers will be playing a song all the way through.  The aim of the Complete Beginners Camp is to give campers a solid foundation of guitar essentials needed to continue with private guitar lessons or even to follow lessons on YouTube.  This guitar camp is comprehensive, with the emphasis on practical application to understand and carry forward essential skills, technique, and know-how to foster musical aptitude and direction. This Guitar Camp puts the “FUN” into fundamentals.


For ages 12 – 18

At The Complete Beginners Summer Ukulele Camp, students will be amazed with what they can accomplish in one short week. The course will begin with playing single note melodies and enhancements. Of course the Ukulele is known for typical rhythm and strumming patterns and there are a lot of easy chords any student can grab and be successful with. It’ll be lots of fun with lots of possible song choices for younger kids as well as more popular songs older teens will appreciate.


For ages 12 – 18

The Campfire Acoustic Guitar Camp  is 5 intensive days a week starting at 9am and finishes @ 3:30pm.  Campers will get to explore various options for enhancing whatever they may already know on the guitar and beyond.  Of course lots of songs will be learned in various styles and all the commonalities between those styles discovered and understood.  Strumming and rhythm variations will be explored, this element alone can add a lot of characteristic and dynamics to songs.  Chord voicings and how to accompanying another guitarist will be a useful skill learned by campers as well.  A brief look at writing songs will be explored, they will find coming up ideas and chord progressions for songs is much easier than they may have thought. Campfire tunes can be fairly simple, and this makes them fun, but this camp will help young guitarists get to that next level of competence and build their confidence.  This camp will be fun and entertaining for all who attend.


For ages 12 – 18

The Rock and Blues Guitar Summer Camp is 5 intensive days a week starting at 9am and runs until 3:30pm.  This camp is all about getting songs down while being taught some crucial elements and concepts to get a young guitarists chops, rhythm, internal clock, & riffing concepts beyond their expectations.  This camp will certainly challenge, foster, and nurture the guitarist to untap their creative potential in a relaxed and high chill factor environment. Three culminates with Guitar campers having the opportunity to record a track with the Rock and Blues Summer Camp Band at Post 407 Recording Studio. This is a great opportunity to see how recording with a band in a studio works with actual hands on experience