Rock & Blues Camp


For Ages 12 – 18

The Rock and Blues Summer Guitar Camp is 5 intensive days a week starting at 9am and runs until 3:30pm.  This camp is all about getting songs down while being taught some crucial elements and concepts to get a young guitarists chops, rhythm, internal clock, & riffing concepts beyond their expectations.  This camp will certainly challenge, foster, and nurture the guitarist to untap their creative potential in a relaxed and high chill factor environment.
The Guitar campers week will culminate with the opportunity to wow family and friends by recording a track at Post 407 Recording Studio with the Summer Camp Band. They will get to see how the recording studio operates with hands on experience during the process. 
Blues music is one of the most influential characteristics that gave birth to Rock’n Roll.  Rock’n Roll is strongly rooted in the basic Blues elements, especially the 12 bar forms of the Blues.
This camp will explore both the Blues and Rock forms from the early years to the present.  Similarities and commonalities will be discussed, demonstrated. Songs from recording artists such as Chuck Berry, BB King, Albert King, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Van Halen, ZZ Top, Colin James, Guns’n Roses,  Green Day, The Ramones, Nickleback, Theory of a Dead Man, Bryan Adams, Sum 41, Skillet, Three Days Grace, Bryan Adams, Nirvana, The Who, The Clash, and tons more, etc.
Besides learning some really important concepts and ideas about playing the guitar, the main focus or goal of the camp to reiterate will be to teach the Rock & Blues Campers some Rock and or Blues songs dependent on individual tastes and attainable preferences. Campers will have the opportunity to record a track at Post 407 Recording Studio with the Summer Camp Band at the end of the week. How cool is that!  Campers may possibly play on other students tracks if the need arises.  Whether it’s rhythm playing or wailing on some awesome guitar solos, each camper can focus where their personal ambition lies, of course guided by the experience and knowledge of an experienced instructor.
Campers will be able to experiment with multiple guitar effects, such as reverb, flanging, chorusing, stereo delay, mono delay, rotating speaker, wah wah pedal, reverse shift, dual pitch shift, volume swells, whammy dives, and various types of amp emulation and amp modellers.
Teaching material can easily be adapted or changed to suit the needs of each individual camper.  Campers are encouraged to Jam with other campers, play along to Jam Tracks and at the end of the week be in the spotlight and record in the studio with The Summer Camp Band.
Previous guitar playing experience is necessary.  The Rock and Blues Guitar Camp is suitable for Intermediate, slightly pre-intermediate players who are at this level of playing or above and beyond.  Intermediate players who are decent guitar players already will benefit from advanced guitar techniques and ideas.
 A Pizza lunch along with other assorted unhealthy food choices will be provided for campers on the last day of camp.  The camp will be a Ton-O-Fun.


  • For ages 12 to 18 years.
  • Provide and bring their own electric guitar, amplifier, picks, and cord.  If the amp has a headphone jack that would be great. Campers could bring headphones to plug into their amp and this will help control the volume level in the room. This is highly recommended.
  • Electric guitar is preferred for the Rock and Blues Camp, but an acoustic guitar would do if you don’t have an electric guitar to bring. An electric guitar can be provided for recording performances if the need arises.
  • Be able to play at least 10 common open chords.
  • Be able to change from chord to chord no problem.
  • Be able to play 2 note or 3 note Rock Power Chords.
  • Be able to move the power chords around no problem.
  • If you don’t know what power chords are but are familiar with common open position chords, power chords shouldn’t be an issue for the participant. Power chords are sometimes an obstacle but will be a real asset for the Rock & Blues Camp camper to be able to play and move them around easily.
  • Being able to play bar chords is a bonus but not necessary.
  • Be able to strum and execute some basic guitar rhythms and strumming patterns no problem. Be able to chunk out 8th note Rock rhythms with some palm muting.
  • Reading Standard Notation is not required for this course.
  • A recap of fundamentals will be reviewed, such as how to read chord charts, tablature, fingerboard charts, and rhythmic notation.
Registration fee for The Rock & Blues Summer Guitar Camp is $260.00 per camper. All learning materials, information and 1 inch binder are included with camp registration.