Campfire Acoustic Camp


For ages 12 – 18 years

The Campfire Acoustic Guitar Camp is for those who already have playing experience and want to improve their guitar playing skills.  Campers will get to explore various options for enhancing whatever they may already know on the guitar and beyond.  Of course lots of songs will be learned in various styles and all the commonalities between those styles discovered and understood.  A lot of songs are pretty much the same.  This camp will be fun and entertaining for all who attend.
The Campfire Acoustic Guitar Camp  is 5 intensive days a week starting at 9am and finishes @ 3:30pm.
Previous guitar playing experience is a requirement.  The Campfire Acoustic Guitar Camp is suitable for Intermediate, or slightly pre-intermediate players.  Campers must be able to make chord common chord changes while strumming.  Teaching material can easily be adapted or changed to suit the needs of each individual camper and their musical tastes.  Campers are encouraged to provide a list of songs they would like to be able to play or recording artists they listen to.  Campers can compile a list beforehand if they wish and they will also have the opportunity to do this during the first day of camp.
To make sure we are all on the same page, Campfire Acoustic Guitar Campers will first go through the “all the stuff I should know by now review.”  The camp will review, chord charts, fingerboard charts, Tablature, basic chords, musical terms and typical strumming patterns.
The camp will look at all the commonalities between songs while learning a bunch of new songs or improving on songs campers already know.  The day will consist of learning ideas and concepts guitar players employ to write and play songs.  Much of it will be spent on learning new songs, playing them the common way of doing it around the campfire or how to spice it up a bit and make it more interesting.
Pick picking and finger picking styles will also be covered for songs such as Blackbird, Dust in the Wind, Landslide, Penny for your Thoughts, Still Got The Blues, More Than Words, To Be With You, Waiting for the World to Change, People Get Ready, Ice Cream Man, standard blues stuff and beyond.
A Pizza lunch along with other assorted unhealthy food choices will be provided for campers on the last day of camp.  This camp will be a Ton-O-Fun.
Registration fee for The Campfire Acoustic Summer Guitar Camp is $225.00 per camper. All learning materials, information and 1 inch binder are included with camp registration.